Shipping — Fulfillment
I typically try to fulfill orders within 5 business days. Sometimes it takes longer during busy times of the year like holidays or sales. You will get a notification email once your order is fulfilled.

Shipping — Domestic
Shipments within the US are sent via USPS Priority Mail. Deliveries generally take 1–3 business days to arrive. The delivery is guaranteed and tracking is included.

Shipping — International
International shipments are sent via USPS First Class International. Deliveries generally take between 7–21 days to arrive, although there are no guarantees or reliable tracking included. If you are interested in expedited or guaranteed delivery you can email me before hand, however it will most likely be prohibitively expensive.

Issues — Damaged Prints
Occasionally prints are lost or get damaged in transit. If you have any issues like this with your order please let me know via email: and I'll take care of it.

Large prints are put in plastic sleeves and rolled up inside of a 4" shipping tube. Smaller prints are sleeved and backed with chipboard and shipped flat inside a sturdy envelope.


My prints are all exhibition grade, giclée art prints. This just means that you are getting the same high quality print that I would send to display in any art gallery or exhibition.

The prints are not fade proof, however they are fade resistant and are meant to last a very long time. They should not fade very much at all over the course of your lifetime.


I'm not sponsored by any framing companies and I don't sell my work framed, but I always recommend Art To Frames. They have a lot of options for affordable prices. I’ve personally bought frames from them many times before and have been happy with the quality.

I don’t make any commission from them, but since I’ve recommended them so much they gave me the code RYANSIMPSONART, which you can use for 15% off your order.

My personal preference for my work is usually a simple, natural light wood frame with no additional matting. For example, I like this frame.


I work digitally, meaning that I draw into the computer using a digital pen and tablet. I find this process gives me more flexibility during the creation process and still allows me to achieve the hand generated look of a piece created with a range of traditional tools.

Software & Tools
Adobe Creative Cloud
Photoshop Brushes by Kyle Webster
Wacom Intuos Pro